This is not the end – processvisning av Tova Eli Ekenberg

This is not the end
Processvisning av föreställningen This is not the end, med tema klimatångest av medlemmen Tova Eli Ekenberg
Join a work-in-progress live arts performance on the topic of climate anxiety.
The piece consist of a collection of materials, found or created in research of how the live arts can talk about the hyperobject of climate change.
As a guest you will be able to contribute in the development of the piece which is meant to grow continuously with the influence of the audience, who at the second half of the piece will be invited to enter into dialouges and co-creation.
5 juni
Kl. 16-17
The performance is free but with a limited amount of seats, reserve a spot by emailing
Any remaining seats will be accessed at the door.
Boka din plats genom att maila
Max 13 platser, först till kvarn. Eventuella lediga platser kan bokas i dörren.
Språk: Engelska
Målgrupp: Unga vuxna (20-35) med klimatångest och/eller intresserade av modern scenkonst
Var? Lilla Salen, Konstkollektivet, Baazgatan 7, Mölndal
Lokalerna är tillgänglighetsanpassade och stor toalett finns att tillgå.
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