Just nu: Artist in Residens

Just nu har Konstkollektivet två artister som gör residens hos oss. Läs mer om det här:

Artists in residence: Astrid Øster (DK) and Isaiah Cedron (US)  Den 9e maj kan du se en del av deras process HÄR


Over the next three weeks of my residency at Konst Kollektivet I will be placing several bee observatory markers like the one seen above.(FOLLOW THE COORDINATES TO FIND IT) During this time I hope to find as many wild hives as possible and document their estimated pollination radii. We have been given the gift of time, time to slow down. Time to notice things, things that you otherwise might miss. Watch the bees, see where they go. Why not (länk). 

Love,   Isaiah

17/4 – 31/5

We embrace uncertainty. We seek the ray of sun poking through fear. We want to resist the pressure to perform.

On a daily basis, we are reminded to be afraid. Fear based media about the pandemic is all around us. But might there be a possibility of positive social, economic or existential change in this…? We have been given a unique chance to step out of our hurried daze and look around. Our unstoppable high performance society has been stopped, or at least, slowed. This is an opportunity for introspection and reflection.

Before the pandemic began we travelled, from Denmark to Kentucky, California, and back, so that we could be together. Since we are partners, who happen to be born in different countries, we have been struggling with the physical and mental impacts of immigration laws since we first met. We have come to Sweden because, here, we are allowed to stay, together.

During our six weeks here at Konstkollektivet, as artists in residence, we will explore and document the newly found freedom of this scary, yet curious, time between times. We will take the time to examine new dimensions of our society, created by this pandemic. We will pick up our individual artistic practices, here in this new safe place, and walk side by side through the mist. 

This process  will result in two events experimenting with online/corona-safe exhibition formats:

Event 1: May 9th Event 2: May 23th

Astrid Øster Mortensen (she, her) Aalborg, Denmark.

I work (mostly) within video and sound. I am a big fan of the abstract, and I can spend hours exploring how this particular sound seems to be talking with that small movement of a body. Working with video and sound can be a lot of computer-brain work, so while I am here, I want to focus on incorporating dance, since the spaces (dance studio) are perfect for that. 

Isaiah Cedron (they, them) Tennessee, USA.

Isaiah’s artistic practice combines a variety of mediums ranging from photography and video to book making, printmaking, interior design, and architectural construction. Their work is focused on examining and promoting the unification between humans and nature. Whether by documenting stories of alternative cultural experiments or by creating spaces etc. Isaiah’s work seeks to question the assumed premises of our relationships with both social and ecological environments.


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